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Client Services

Our services are aimed at providing simpler solutions to complex problems by negotiating all issues with logic and human ingenuity.

The smooth functioning of technological resources of our firm provides reliable strategies to enhance the performance of your company.

Technoces fulfils your immediate workforce needs and helps save time, infrastructure and cost. We provide tailor made sustainable solutions that meets your purpose. Get in touch with us to leverage our experience in formulating the right outsourcing solution for you.

Business Consultancy

As private and public sectors are getting swamped with technological developments, the need for a dynamic approach to IT based issues has increased. Technoces provides a skilful and new perspective to your business. We act as a medium to enhance the working of your processes by introducing technological alternatives that help in dealing with operations in a more organized and simple manner.

Application Development

Our robust applications can deal with complex data. We work to digitalize the operations of your firm using the most popular programming languages to make dynamic software developments.

Technoces has a team of skilled professionals who can collaborate with organizations to tap into the value of digital potential thereby assisting them to design and develop digital experiences which deliver measurable results. Our team can build the most sensible solutions by translating your objectives, mission and vision statements into an experience-driven custom application.

Implementation Services

As the corporate world moves towards a digitized future, we aim to organize, outreach, and evolve the working of the companies. We develop extensive implementation plans to transmit technology in your company. These services ensure risk-free exposure to information. In order to implement our services in the fastest, cost-effective manner, we bring in our experts to design solutions and lay out plans that ensures minimal disruption for your business operations.

Enterprise Testing Services

Enterprise applications are the most integral elements of any organization’s business. To address the growing needs of the market and ensure flawless customer experience, organizations need robust testing methodologies, frameworks, tools and a trusted partner to support. Our experience in Software Quality Assurance has enabled us in devising the most effective means of testing. Our staff are experienced across wide range of technologies and verticals offering independent verification & validation and QA consulting services.

The firm puts great care in coming up with strategies that ensure effective and efficient testing of applications. We believe and invest in automation as a solution to enhance agility.

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